Yanga SC propose Dar es Salaam as match venue if league resumes

The Jangwani-Street-based giants have proposed the remaining matches should be played in one area to help save time

Young Africans (Yanga SC) have advised the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) to use Dar es Salaam as the venue of the remaining Mainland Premier League matches if the league resumes.

The Tanzanian top-flight was halted in March owing to the coronavirus outbreak but a week ago, President John Pombe Magufuli promised to lift the suspension of sporting activities in the country – especially football.

Magufuli said as soon as he gets permission from the health department he will allow the league to resume but under strict guidelines.

The TFF has already started planning on how to resume proceedings and have said they are awaiting clearance from the government.

It is a debate which has divided many Tanzanians, with some supporting the system of playing on a home and away basis while others have said they would want the league played in one centre to help save costs and time.

Yanga vice-chairman Fredrick Mwakalebela has also waged into the debate insisting by playing the remaining matches in one location, it will allow the league to end within a short period.

“In my own opinion, if all teams can come here to complete their matches, that would be the best solution since there are enough playing facilities and affordable accommodation for all the teams,” Mwakalebela is quoted by Daily News.

“We can use Azam Complex, Uhuru Stadium, National Stadium, and even Karume Stadium to play at least four games on a single day. We need to finish the league early so we can start preparation for the next season, which includes registration of players among others.”

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Mwakalebela revealed he was not supporting the use of the usual format of home and away because it might affect many other things, including ending the league late and thus they will have difficulties starting the new season as planned.

On the domestic Cup, Mwakalebela said: “ASFC is played on a knockout format and only three stages [quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals], are remaining before the winner is attained, hence it is not as complicated as the top-flight league.”

The Yanga official also said the TFF should declare the champions of the current campaign only after the remaining matches are played because it was the only way to get a credible winner.

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