Draw no Bet Meaning

Draw No Bet Meaning

Are you looking for ways to improve your chances of winning while betting on sports? Well, if that’s the case, then we recommend you try your luck with the draw no bet. In this article, we have provided a complete definition of ‘Draw No Bet’, calculating the odds, and how you can benefit from it. As you are aware, this bet can be applied to a range of sports, but it’s widely used in soccer betting.

What do people really mean when they talk about Draw no bet? To be precise, ‘Draw No Bet’ involves removing a ‘Draw’ bet option from the selections. This bet is commonly used by punters to bet on an underdog with an added insurance.

If the concept of Draw no bet isn’t clear to you yet, then we’ve expounded it in the example below:

In a Champions League football tournament, they offer markets for a win, draw or lose. But by removing the; Draw’ option from the selections, the odds are lowered, and you get a winning outcome. Commonly known as the Asian Handicap, this bet offers a more exciting way to bet considered to other.

If Chelsea is playing against Arsenal in the Champions League soccer tournament, the strong odds will be given to the ‘Draw’ option by the operator. But when the ‘Draw no Bet’ option is removed, the odds for either the winning or losing result will be reduced. These low odds are what have attracted many people to the Draw no Bet option.

This is especially the case if you want to use this option in a draw no bet accumulator, whereby lower odds give you the chance of landing a winning outcome.

Calculating Draw no Bet

Calculating the Draw, no bet outcome is simple and straightforward. The true odds of this sports betting market can be calculated by combining the odds that are posted on the 1×2 market. It works perfectly by spreading the stake over either a home win and Draw or away team and draw.

The following steps will help you to calculate your Draw No Bet odds from the 1×2 betting market:

  • Convert 1×2 odds into Draw no bet odds
  • Calculate your own Draw no bet stakes

Using our previous example:

Chelsea vs. Arsenal

If you stake $200 on Chelsea and the 1×2 bets are as displayed as follows:

  • Chelsea win: 150
  • Draw: 3.3
  • Arsenal win: 4.5

To convert the 1×2 bet odds into Draw no bet odds, the formula is as follows:

  • Home Draw No Bet odds: (1-(1/1×2 draw odds))* 1×2 home odds
  • Away Draw No Bet odds: (1-(1/1×2 draw odds))*1×2 away odds.

To calculate how much of your stake to be made on each outcome, use the following formula:

Bet Amount on the Draw option = (total stake/draw odds)

The Bottom Line

We hope that your questions about Draw no bet market in sports betting have been answered and you can now apply this information to maximize your profits. The Draw no Bet option does not only make betting to be fun but also reduces the risks involved in losing your bet. So, if you are searching for the best way to boost your winning opportunities, then you should opt for Draw no Bet market.

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